Introducing Ian’s Insights

Ian in Dubai

Ian at The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

“I originally studied self-development not because I had a desire to, but because the nature of our business called for it. Once I found that most of it was ‘common sense’ and very logical, I warmed to it.

My desire to impart what I had learned was first utilised when I began volunteering with the unemployed. From there, I gained a teaching qualification, and was further made aware of my passion to impart these valuable lessons.

‘Ian’s Insights’ marks the beginning of a new ‘communication- based’ version of my self-development journey, and has inspired me to write a book, and start an Entrepreneurs’ Club.

I hope you enjoy and/or find the the content useful. If you have any personal points/questions that you think may warrant a video, (or a chapter in the book), feel free to get in touch.”

Ian Harvey-Winstanley

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