Kleeneze Cataloguing – “Just Do It!”

Based on the premise that your Kleeneze Catalogues are only working for you if they are in someone else’ house, ‘Just Do It!’.

It doesn’t matter what your plan is, as long as you have one. We suggest the most basic plan is to put 100 Kleeneze Catalogues out twice per week. This will only take a total of 5-6 hours and if you have other commitments, can be done between 6pm and 9pm.

If you have no other commitments, ‘Do More!’ Your Kleeneze Catalogues do not complain about being overworked, even if you turn them around and distribute them again the same day, (the same catalogue could visit up to 4 houses in a week).

So if you have any Kleeneze Catalogues in your house, and you have as little as 2 hours on your hands, ‘Just Do It!’, the results will speak for themselves.

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