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Magic Wrap X-Treme Tape

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X‑Treme Tape is the Original self-fusing silicone insulating & repair wrap.

Originally developed for U.S. Military applications, X‑Treme Tape has been tested and proven in the most extreme conditions and environments. It is the most versatile and easy-to-use quick-fix emergency rescue repair tape available. X‑Treme Tape withstands extremes in temperature, pressure, voltage, moisture, corrosion and contaminants.

Tests show the bonding strength of X‑Treme Tape greatly exceed the Mil-Spec standard and that of competitor tapes.

To purchase yours now CLICK HERE!

To purchase yours now CLICK HERE!

X-Treme Tape:

  • Is Self-Fusing…No Adhesive;
  • Withstands Over 260°C (500°F) of Heat;
  • Remains Flexible to -60°C (-85°F);
  • Has an Amazing 700 PSI Tensile Strength;
  • Insulates to 8,000 Volts per Layer;
  • Stretches 300%

X‑Treme Tape will seal and repair plumbing, vents, ducts, and hoses. It can even choke-off a vehicle’s leaking radiator hose!

X‑Treme Tape is great for sports grips and tool handles, wire harnesses, cable wraps, boat & RV hook-ups and so much more.

Use X‑Treme Tape to insulate electrical connections and make them air and water tight. Makes heat shrink tubing virtually obsolete!

Keep a roll in your car, on your boat, in your camper, with your motorbike and in your tool box.

The X-Treme Tape Advantage:

  • High Tensile Strength;
  • High Dielectric Strength;
  • Advanced Bonding Properties;
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification

X‑Treme Tape‘s strength comes from both its thickness and the advanced bonding characteristics of the special silicone formula.

X‑Treme Tape has about 15% more material/thickness than rival brands making it the most reliable product available!

X-Treme Tape:

  • Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds;
  • Never gets gooey or sticky like old-fashioned electrical tape or duct tape – No messy cleanup;
  • Has an incredibly long shelf life;
  • Is extremely versatile;
  • Resists Acids, Fuels, Oils, Solvents, Salt Water, UV Rays!

To purchase yours now CLICK HERE!