Top Kleeneze Retail Tips

A Happy Kleeneze Customer

A Very Happy Kleeneze Customer

Gold Distributor, Janet Lyall, is in her 11th year of Kleeneze and is amongst the top 50 retailers! She shares with us some of her best retail tips!

  1. If the catalogues are in your house they are not going to earn you any money – get them out.
  2. Do not change the day slips which your upline has provided, they’ve worked for them and they will work for you.
  3. Present yourself and your catalogues in pristine condition, after all, we are representing a 90 year old company that sells cleaning products.
  4. Work as close to home as you can, people buy from local distributors.
  5. Whatever day slip you use, make sure that you pick your catalogues up on that day, no matter what the weather is like. We don’t have bad weather in this country, we only have inappropriate clothing. Be reliable and don’t let your customers down.
  6. Be consistent and persistent.
  7. If you would like larger orders, demonstrate a product when you deliver to your customers. I have turned a £2.99 delivery into a £32.96 order by demonstrating the Christmas front cover product. If you use the products yourself you will know how easily they will sell on the doorstep.
  8. Be prepared to go the extra mile for any customer who has a query about a Kleeneze product. Take it from me, there is no traffic jam on the extra mile! The customer on the extra mile will be a customer for life.
  9. Listen to your nearest successful upline – you wouldn’t take slimming advice from a fat doctor would you? Have a smile on your face and enjoy yourself.
  10. As we see in the adverts, a dog is not just for Christmas, well neither is demonstrating the products. I find little samples of washing powder are wondeful; the customer tries it, likes it, washes it down the drain and then orders it on a regular basis.

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