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What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing, is a way of doing business in which independent sales Consultants, Distributors or Representatives earn commission not only for sales of products and services they personally generate, but also from a percentage of the sales of others who they have recruited into the business. These recruits form a 'down line' of Distributors creating a hierarchy of multiple leveraged levels of commission.

Network Marketing should not be confused with Pyramid Selling. Pyramid selling is illegal in the UK and many other countries and is a type of fraud which is disguised to look like Network Marketing. Pyramid selling is where recruits pay an admission fee to join the scheme to earn commissions by persuading others to join rather than supply any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes do not offer contracts to participants, cancellation rights nor the opportunity to buy back unsold goods - all of which are required under UK law.

What Network Marketing Isn't

  • Network Marketing isn't illegal, fraudulent, or unethical.
  • Network Marketing isn't an opportunity to get rich quick off the payments of others who join the organisation. That's a pyramid scheme.
  • Network Marketing isn't a pyramid scheme, which is illegal and unethical.
  • Network Marketing isn't an opportunity to get rich quick. Period.
  • Network Marketing isn't built on simple mathematics where many losers pay a few winners. That's also a pyramid scheme.
  • Network Marketing isn't an opportunity to let someone else build a sales organisation for you.
  • Network Marketing isn't just for salespeople. In Kleeneze, the catalogue does the selling for you.
  • Network Marketing isn't expensive. Unlike most other business opportunities, the start-up costs are low, often less than £100. The minimum investment required to get started with Kleeneze is just £25!
  • Network Marketing isn't a way for companies to sell huge amounts of inventory to distributors. In Kleeneze, Independent Distributors only order the products that their own customers have placed an order for.
  • Network Marketing isn't a way for distributors to sell stuff that nobody wants or uses. The Kleeneze catalogue is full of items that customers either want or need, and can afford.
  • Network Marketing isn't a license to sell products and services at inflated prices.
  • Network Marketing isn't for people who aren't willing to work hard.
  • Network Marketing isn't for anyone who can't or won't follow a proven system that leads to business success.

As a profession, Network Marketing invites all people, regardless of gender, experience, education, or financial status, to jump on board and build a satisfying and potentially lucrative business. It's not a profession that everyone will master, however, but that's only because some people are unwilling to make the sacrifices and the commitment that's necessary to succeed.